Tips and Traps of Using Facebook for Business

Here are some tips on the topic of using Facebook for business.• Let’s say that Facebook isn’t for everyone, but even if you do not have your own personal Facebook account – someone else can do this for your business provided it works for your business. Try delegating it to someone who loves Facebook but stay involved check scheduled posts.• Don’t just put the Facebook page up and expect it to work on its own, it needs regular interaction and status updates. So be consistent and update it often. Have a target of say at least 4 Facebook updates per month. You will need at least 1 hour per month to post statuses updates plus engaging in Facebook to give it a chance of success and begin to lead generate.• Consider using Facebook ads such as boosting your post or promoting your page to get likes. For the small costs the reach to the many Facebook users can be well worth considering.• Facebook is a fantastic way to reconnect with many people from our past, Facebook is a great way to remind people of what you do and as they already know you, they are more likely to buy from you.• Referrals can be more effective on Facebook, people ask for a particular type of trade person or service who can be trusted, someone you know may recommend you. Hopefully it happens to you all the time.• Facebook would only really work well in conjunction with all your other marketing, it is important to have many arms of marketing to compliment your Facebook and not overly rely on it. It can also be integral to extending your face to face marketing presence.• With organisations now checking your behaviour on social media, it is important you maintain proper ethics and behaviour on your Facebook page. Never be negative and critical.• Facebook is more suitable for consumer reach rather than business to business which may be more suitable to LinkedIn.• Heart touching pics, tips, inspirations and motivations, travel or food pictures are just some of the engaging status updates which can put your business name in front of a huge consumer reach.• Some professions or franchises may be limited in what they can do on Facebook or Online in general.• Facebook can help you build extra trust, understanding and your business services, try posting the answer to that question you get asked ten times a day.• Video is going to be the next big thing in marketing, ultimately this is a great way to get a lead into a face to face meeting. Also a way for you to sell without being there.• Know if Facebook is worth the effort and know what is a conversion worth to your business.• You can line up and prepare all your upcoming Facebook posts called scheduling. Get your staff to engage tag into it to further spread its reach.• One of the biggest traps is bad mouthing of your business. This can happen to any business, what is important is the business is quickly aware of it and takes quick action to reduce the damaging talk with rectifying action or responses.• Promote your Facebook page in your email signatures and business cards.• Put your closing or opening times on Facebook. It should be your first go to place to update your customers quickly.• Don’t sell in every post. Make a call to action sparingly or every seventh post.

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